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The Wavin Shared Service Center was established in 2013 to provide services in the fields of accounting reporting IT business application master data procurement compliance internal audit 2D&3D technical designing services for Orbia of which Wavin is part since 2012. Our SSC employees are actively involved in local and international projects. The team works to map and optimize processes participates in workshops to exchange information and seek more efficient solutions to business needs. We believe our purpose statements are more than just words on a wall. It’s a promise we’ve made to ourselves our shareholders and the people and communities we serve across the globe. Being part of Orbia keep us connected to people’s experience on our communal planet and inspire us to propel our cities and systems forward. Over time we have confidence that our businesses will continue to grow successful as their efforts grow more positively impactful. As the world changes it affects us all. And when we change it affects the world. These changes create global challenges and corporate accountabilities all of which are so much larger than a quarterly earnings report. We recognize that our global presence comes with a global responsibility. We crafted our purpose to drive our decision making. It exists to help us measure the merits of our businesses by more than just profits.

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Wavin Shared Services sp. z o.o.
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