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Scaleworks is a private equity fund that acquires and invests in B2B SaaS companies. Our goal is to accelerate sustainable high-growth software companies and help them become even more successful. Each company has its own unique product team and story all while being a part of the Scaleworks family. Headquartered in San Antonio Texas we have over 400 employees located in our offices in the US Canada and Poland. Our two polish offices are based in Kraków where the engineering teams work on the development of the products. We have around 90 people on board and we’re constantly growing. We don’t limit ourselves to one thing. Our tech stack includes Ruby on Rails Golang Java .NET Python PHP Node.js Angular React and many others. We work with varied brand new technologies and tools to develop our products from different areas such a fin-tech social media content e-commerce or ecological agriculture movement. Diversity is exciting it always gives a chance to learn and explore!

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Scaleworks Sp. z o.o.
Rynek Główny 39-40/2 i 7
31-013 Kraków


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