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About germain APM

germain APM platform helps organizations quickly and cost-effectively monitor, analyze , and improve user experience, process, and technology issues. Different than traditional APM/RUM/BPM systems, germain APM platform's features include: screen activity recording/replay, user behavior analysis, distributed transaction deep diagnosis, business process smart insights, super flexible automation (alert, synthetic user click, script execution, recommendations, etc.), and expert help, whether you need help with configuring, customizing, or finding insights.

With this solution, business analysts can find CX frictions in a customer’s journey by monitoring and analyzing customer interactions (call, email, website visit, etc.) and alerting or acting on the data or transaction, in real-time, 24x7.

Data scientists can build real-time dashboards with data gathered from any data sources and search and share findings with coworkers and clients.

Digital experts can gain insight into prospect experience by tracking how a prospect found their website, watch recorded videos of the prospect session on the site, find why they dropped off, etc.

Developers can review their code performance and find ways to improve it, using a real-time code profiling feature, and identify what scenarios caused a bug using user session replay.

germain APM is available on cloud or on-premise, on a monthly or annual subscription. Unlimited support is extended via documentation, chat, phone and email.

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