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Hello, we’re Codibly.

We are a technology & consulting company focused on custom software and product development. As a team of experts, we work with technology that makes a difference and has a tangible impact on the world of everyday life, supporting clients' business and digital transformation.

Combining cutting-edge technology, people's talent, and innovation, we create end-to-end robust software solutions that help our clients accelerate their business development with the latest technology advances. Our solutions use artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, IoT, big data, business intelligence, and advanced analytics to provide scalable, reliable software that gives businesses unlimited flexibility to changing needs.

Codibly's industrial expertise area concentrates mostly on the energy & utilities sector, but we collaborated with various companies from fintech, healthcare, HR, and other industries. Our proven track record gives us the necessary insights into working with larger enterprises and communicating with them. Companies like PA Consulting Group, Southern California Edison, Engie France, Shell, UK Power Network, and many more, have been using our solutions such as SAAS Analytics platforms for energy reliability, demand response platforms for both residential and commercial clients, as well as electric vehicles, operations, data and processes management platforms, and more.

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