Partner Service Analyst

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About the company

You will be working as a consultant on the client site who is an American multinational company specializing in business IT. The brand is well-established on the international market and offers a great start or development of your career path, and a valuable experience to gain in a financial sector.

Your responsibilities

Responsibilities for the Partner Compensation Process:

The partner compensation process includes 4 main processes: Quota deployment, Partner compensation, Compensation payment process and Cash engine. The process starts with target setting, terms and conditions definition, bonus calculation, partner/Business/financial reporting up to partner payment. The core compensation process is essential for our performance within the Channel and it relates to many departments: Partner enablement, Sales Compensation, Contract Management, Data Management, Sales & Marketing Department, Legal, Finance, Controllership and Audit. The responsibilities include:

• Offering assistance to partners and sales representatives on all the subjects related to the compensation programs (compensation for Distributors and Resellers, Quota Deployment, Cash Engine, Payments etc.) through emails, phone calls or other internal HPE instruments, in an appropriate and rapid manner.

• Solving daily problems related to compensation programs cooperating with: Sales Operations, Sales Department, Channel Finance, Partners (resellers and distributors) and other parties involved.

• Monitoring and fully executing the compensation processes for the Partner Portfolio in a proactive manner to ensure target setting, bonus visibility, disputes solving, bonus calculation and payment in an appropriate and rapid manner.

• Escalation management for Partners/Audit.

• Executing certain processes that are specific to countries where they are legally imposed.

Responsibilities for the Market Development Funds process:

• Collaborating with the distributors’ AOM (Account Operations Manager) in analyzing the use of financial resources of the MDF (Market Development Funds) program, along with recommendations for investments;

• Coordinating the planning and approvals for the Market Development Funds;

• Monitoring claims and payments status and escalating to the partner/PSS (Partner Sales Support) (where local language support is necessary, additional to the generic support offered by the GBS MDF team), in case of existing claims or missing documents;

• Assisting the partners/ the PSS in solving issues that arise in claims or payments;

• Offering trainings for the interested parties/partners regarding the MDF process;

• Becoming the support interface for 1st degree escalations for partners/ accounts;

• Maintaining correct information regarding MDF on Partner Portal;

• Locating the documents and communications related to MDF;

• Offering internal support and reporting within the compensation program (reporting is the direct responsibility of the payments and validation teams);

• Monitoring the process and gaining expertise on the compensation program (processes alignment, using the tools and webpages containing information on the program, internal escalations; monitoring the payments and validation teams);

• Ensuring the documentation and optimization of operational processes.

Your personality

• Individually valuable, but a very good teammate

• Flexible and adaptable

• Ability to take initiative and develop solutions

• Ability to work under pressure

• Excellent organizing spirit

• Resistant to stress

• Fast accommodation and learning capacity

Your skills and working style

• High accuracy level and perfectionist approach of the work with details

• Ease, clarity and coherence in speech

• Client orientation – always takes the client into account

• Organizing, planning and control skills

• Practical business skills

• Analytical skills and good with numbers

• Compliant with the deadlines established for taking action

• Well integrated in processes standardization and actively oriented towards continuous optimization

• Providing good quality results

• Ability to work independently

• Escalation management

Essential requirements

• Advanced knowledge of sales/client’s support

• General computer skills (Operating system – Windows XP), experience in working with the MS Office tools: Excel, Word and PowerPoint

• Prior work experience (at least 2 years’ experience in a business and partners support role)

• Excellent communication skills (internal and external communication)

Language requirements

English: very good communication and writing skills; professional / business English (C1/C2 level)

Nice to have other language: German, Spanish, Russian

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