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International Marketing & eCommerce Internship

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We’re looking for an enthusiastic intern to join our International Marketing & eCommerce Internship Program.

The internship is 2 months long - you’ll work with a great international team on eCommerce/Amazon-related projects.

  1. You will learn new eCommerce skills/ marketing skills (related to Amazon) - it will provide development to your skills and will broaden your knowledge and skills.
  2. A prestigious & new position to your CV - you will work for: "American company, Amazon eCommerce services and International Marketing" - these are all trigger words for your future employer who will see your CV as much more valuable after this internship.

Our internships projects are not paid financially but paid with: learning opportunity and rare eCommerce work experience - after only 2 months with us you will be able to make your CV much more attractive for future employers by showing you have done some eCommerce work related to Amazon, with an American company about international marketing - it's an added work value for your CV.

By enhancing your CV with this new eCommerce experience (and your new better looking CV) you might get better job opportunities going forward!

So treat this internship as an opportunity to invest in your own future.

  • WHERE: At home - wherever you are! Our internship is 100% online
  • HOW LONG: 2 months (Monday-Friday + checking your email box on weekends).
  • PROVIDED: Full training & support through Skype/Zoom
  • RECOMMENDATION LETTERS: Yes, we can provide.

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